Church Planting Resident at Gateway Church (Parkesburg, Pa.)

Thinking about planting a church?

Gateway Church has a Church Planting Residency Program designed to come alongside and equip you with the ministry and leadership training you need to do the work God has called you to do.

We believe that equipping is two-fold, discipleship and development. We disciple through intentionality in relationships, teaching people to follow wholeheartedly after God, while simultaneously developing and deploying their ministry and leadership expertise. Our church planting residency program is one avenue of our strategy.

Our Mission:
Help people encounter Jesus, experience community, and embrace mission.

Our Vision:
To champion oneness through equipping His Church – until we all flourish.

Our Strategy:
Equipping God’s People by simultaneously discipling them and developing their ministry and leadership expertise for the purpose of unity in the Church and for His glory.
Jesus redeems people – we share the Good News of the Gospel.
Jesus builds His church – we disciple people who disciple people.
Jesus calls leaders for His church – we equip leaders who equip leaders. Jesus modeled and prayed for unity within His church – we foster it. Jesus transforms communities through His church- we are salt and light. Jesus provides resources – we steward and utilize them.

Someone who follows Jesus and leads others to do the same.
– Knows Jesus Intimately
– Follows the Holy Spirit Relentlessly – Obeys God’s Word Completely
– Loves His Church Wholeheartedly – Seeks the Lost Intentionally

Providing clarity while inspiring a group to take responsibility for creating a better future.
– Follow First
– Serve Always
– Provide Clarity
– Equip Equippers
– Humbly Confident

We desire to have potential planters complete a one-year church planting residency, where we can invest the best of our DNA, Philosophy, Learning, Experiences, Practices, Influence, Funds, and People as we assist in planting churches across the region.

We want to fascinate the work of God in visionary, hungry, humble, curious, kingdom-minded leaders who desire to invest their lives in and through a local church that reproduces. The ideal candidate will have experience in a ministry setting, creating and sustaining movements by gathering people, investing in them, and releasing them for ministry. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, a team player, a lifelong learner, and a passionate disciple of Christ.

This is a 12-month residency – where the church planting candidate will move to Chester County, PA, to become part of the GTWY Staff. They will be poured into and pushed to create and lead while learning from what God is doing in and through GTWY Church. The 12 months will be filled with learning experiences – containing but not limited to: self-directed learning, exposure to a variety of models and leaders, hands-on leading, strategy creation, vision casting, and mobilizing people.
The resident will raise the entirety of the funds needed for them to complete the 12- month residency program. GTWY Church will commit to supporting them financially and through other resources over the following three years of the newly planted church. (Details can be found in the document: 2022 GTWY Residency Program Scope and Sequence 1.03)

GTWY works with and through Assist Church Expansion ( to locate, vet, and recommend eligible Residency Candidates to the Elders of GTWY Church. Eligible candidates will undergo an assessment process with Assist and an interview process with GTWY Church.

GTWY Church was planted by Dan O’Deens in 1997. GTWY is located in the poorest community of the wealthiest county in Pennsylvania, landing between the world-class city of Philadelphia and the Amish Country of Lancaster County. GTWY Church’s Lead Pastor, Scott Feather, has a DMIN in Intercultural Leadership from Carolina Graduate School of Divinity. GTWY is part of the Charis Fellowship. For more info about the Charis Fellowship: GTWY is an Elder-Led Community averaging 800 in attendance during 3 Worship Experiences on Sundays. For more information:

FOR MORE INFORMATION or to APPLY please reach out to Lead Pastor Scott Feather at