Replanting Pastor at Grace Brethren Church (Findlay, Ohio)


 Replanting Pastor for Grace Brethren Church of Findlay, OH

Grace Brethren Church of Findlay, OH has entered into a partnership with Assist Church Expansion for the purpose of revitalization and replanting.

Grace Brethren Church is seeking a Church Planter/Pastor with the apostolic gifts and calling to work with Assist Church Expansion and to lead the church through the transition and into a new and fruitful future.

Requirements of a Replanting Pastor


  • able to develop a vision and clear strategy for replanting/revitalizing/renewing a small community church
  • able to plan both short-term and long-term projects, identify project goals and set time lines for achieving those goals
  • able to motivate others to participate in achieving vision and planning goals for church renewal and growth
  • have a strong marriage with a spouse who shares God’s call to the church renewal ministry and who wholeheartedly supports her husband in this undertaking

Spiritual Maturity

  • has received and accepted a calling from God for this unique ministry 
  • is committed to Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and to the authority of Scripture, pursuing righteousness and a godly life
  •  is a man who believes in the power of prayer, has a strong personal prayer and devotional life
  • displays the Fruit of the Spirit and relies upon the Holy Spirit for every aspect of his life and ministry
  • be theologically aligned with the Charis Commitment to Common Identity


  • has a deep understanding of sound doctrine and its use in life and ministry
  • has a passion for God’s purpose for His church and its role in and for the world
  • is committed to Christ-centered preaching and teaching
  • has the ability to teach/preach the Bible to diversified audiences consistent with the Gospel message


  • ability to identify, motivate and train individuals and teams
  • has excellent communication skills
  • adaptable and resilient when confronted with barriers and setbacks
  • able to accomplish tasks with limited resources
  • is a problem solver
  • ability to work well with others in leadership positions

Qualifications of a Replanting Pastor

  • Possess a God given passion for church renewal and community outreach.
  • Prior experience a plus.
  • Education – Bible College or Seminary Training
  • Willing to be ordained in the Charis Fellowship of Churches

About Findlay, OH

Findlay, population 41,000, is in Hancock County, United States, 45 miles south of Toledo and about 90 miles east of Fort Wayne, IN. The city is predominantly caucasian with a median age of 37 years old.

5.5% of the population is foreign born. Median household income is approximately $50,000 per year. Major employers in Findlay include Marathon Oil, Whirlpool and Cooper Tire.

The Grace Brethren Church currently has a transition elder board in place for the duration of the replant. One of the three elders is a current member, one is a pastor from another Charis Fellowship church in the area, the third is the son of long-time members who attends the church once per month.

Average weekly attendance is roughly 12 persons. The church facility is fully owned with no current debt.