Worship Leader at Pataskala Grace Church (Pataskala, Ohio)

The Worship Leader of Pataskala Grace Church will plan, prepare, and lead the congregation in the worship of God through song, prayer, and giving during our Sunday morning gatherings.
The Worship Leader will be the “producer” of each worship service and the occasional special program (Communion services, Christmas Eve, etc.). While the Lead Pastor is the “director” in terms of setting the theme and overall direction, the Worship Leader will oversee and coordinate all the details that a service encompasses, with the exception of the sermon. They will be a visionary who is creative in connecting people with God through various aspects of worship, including music, prayer, Scripture readings, and more. The Worship Leader will also have a desire to be involved in the life and ministry of Pataskala Grace Church.
The salary will range from $300-$500 per week depending on experience and qualifications, with the expectation of working an average of 10-18 hours per week.
A strong love for and commitment to God that is demonstrated in both word and deed.
A good manager of their household, as evidenced by healthy relationships with spouse and children. (Does not apply if the applicant is single.)
Embraces the purpose and values of Pataskala Grace Church.
A good example of the type of Christ-followers we hope to create with the help of God.
Willing to abide by the Constitution of Pataskala Grace Church.
Agrees with and will adhere to the Charis Commitment to Common Identity and position statements.
Biblically and theologically proficient.
Possesses both vocal and instrumental talents (preferably guitar or keyboard/piano).
Capable of leading worship solo when necessary.
Ability to work with others to enhance various aspects of worship services.
Incorporates traditional hymns into a modern worship style.
Plan and develop worship services in cooperation with Lead Pastor.
Build and maintain team of volunteer musicians to lead worship
during Sunday morning worship services.
Work with team of volunteers to design and decorate stage to enhance worship experience. (Design Team)
Coordinate with team of volunteer audio/visual technicians who support Sunday morning worship services. (Media Team)
Recruit new members/attenders who want to participate in worship ministries.
Nurture the spiritual growth of volunteers by regularly incorporating spiritual disciplines of prayer and Bible study.
Develop and manage worship budget.
Interested candidates can send their cover letter and resume to tim@pataskalagrace.org. Including video or audio recordings of your musical skills is a plus. An initial conversation will be scheduled, followed by a more thorough interview with multiple staff and leaders, to include a live audition.
Following this interview, we would like the candidate to rehearse and lead worship with our volunteers a few times before making a final decision. (You will be reimbursed for your time and effort.)

See the full job description here.