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29 Years and 2,000 Students

Oct 26, 2022

In the last 29 years, if you have been a student on Travel Teams, led a Travel Team, or sent a student on one, you certainly know who Sherilyn Rank is. After three decades of faithful service at Momentum Ministry Partners, and working with over 2,000 high school students, Sherilyn is retiring this month from vocational ministry. While she will be missed, we are so thankful for the years of groundwork she has laid and her dedication to seeing Travel Teams continue to train young leaders for the Kingdom.  

Timothy Kurtaneck (TK) was the Travel Team (formerly Operation Barnabas) director for several years and worked closely with Sherilyn. TK said, “Sherilyn has always been a dedicated worker —for CE National, Momentum Ministry Partners, and the Kingdom. She is so talented and dedicated to her work—her favorite day of the year was the day students arrived for Operation Barnabas orientation! A gifted writer, a vocalist, great attention to detail, excellent teacher—and FUN! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sherilyn, and [her husband] Dave, for so many years…some of the best of the best!” 

The new Travel Team Director, Tim Lansing, has also enjoyed working with Sherilyn and learning the ropes from her. Tim added, “While I have known Sherilyn for many years, I have only had the chance to work with Sherilyn directly for the past year or so. Sherilyn has such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, especially when it comes to all things Travel Teams. She has seen the ups and downs of ministry and ministry teams and I am super grateful she has helped us through all the recent Momentum transitions. She is a champ, has a true servant’s heart, always goes above and beyond in getting things done, and is such a joy to serve alongside. I will miss her greatly because of her character, love for Jesus and others, and her friendship. I know our entire team and staff are going to miss her as well!” 

As Sherilyn prepares to finish her time at the end of October, we asked her some questions about herself, her time at Momentum, what she has learned in ministry, and what her future holds. We hope you learn a little more about this incredible woman and join us in thanking her for a job well done!  

Read the full interview and learn more about Sherilyn’s story here.

A version of this story originally appeared in a newsletter from Momentum Ministry Partners. Find out more about the ministry on their website here.

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