We are the Charis Fellowship

The Charis Fellowship is a family of more than 230 interdependent churches, campuses, and ministries in the United States and Canada who are passionate about Jesus in truth, relationship, and mission.

Charis Fellowship churches and ministries are strongly committed to our shared mission to start new churches, develop leaders, and do good for the sake of the Gospel.

The Charis Fellowship in Under 3 Minutes


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There are more than 200 Charis Fellowship churches across North America. Each church within our Fellowship is self-governing and operates autonomously, selecting their own pastors, leaders, and elders. The Fellowship serves as a way for local churches to stay connected to a bigger network for ministry, service opportunities, training, and resources.


Our movement began in 1708. Our current name, which was adopted in 2016, carries on two core elements of our movement: Charis, the Greek word for grace, emphasizes our need for God’s saving grace; and Fellowship reflects our desire to interdependently support one another as we pursue our shared mission of starting new churches, developing leaders, and doing good for the sake of the Gospel.

Global Family

Our Fellowship is part of a global family called the Charis Alliance, which is composed of independent, like-minded churches and outreach efforts on five continents and in 33 countries.

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