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A Report from the St. James Way Walk

Jul 14, 2005

The current (July/August, 2005) issue of FGBC World featured a unique outreach walk in Spain on the St. James Way. Pictured here (photo courtesy Larry DeArmey) is the group near the beginning of their walk.

Grace Brethren International Missions employee Janelle Armstrong sent this report part-way into the walk:

We just finished our 4th day of walking about 20k a day. It has been quite challenging (our legs and feet are very very sore by the time we reach our campsite) but it has been great talking to fellow pilgrims, seeing the beautiful scenery, enjoying time with God, and encouraging and challenging our teammates.

It is amazing to see the similarities of a pilgrimage to our Christian walk: heading to a destination, perseverance, signs along the way, pain (hills, heat etc), easy stretches, throwing off burdens and traveling light, community… the similarities go on and on. It has been a great experiance.

Thanks so much for praying for our physical strength and keep praying.

So far we have no major injuries, but we are very sore. Our longest day is tomorrow- 26k. Thankfully it has not been very hot here. The sun is strong in the afternoon, but in the evenings and mornings we are wearing sweatshirts. The coolness has been a huge blessing!

It has been great living a simple life as we travel too. I haven´t fixed my hair or worn makeup for days now! We are just focusing on relationships- very refreshing. We have been staying in tents but our food has been pretty good.

Twinky Satterthwaite, one of GBIM´s missionaries in Madrid, is our cook who drives the van from stop to stop. Twinky has cooked spaghetti, Chinese, and all sorts of great things.

So we are burning a lot of calories, but we are eating a lot to make up for it!

Further reports on this and other GO teams are available on the GBIM website and the Women of Charis website.
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