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Africa: A Final Report Before Leaving

Mar 24, 2005

GBIM board member Miriam Pacheco this weekend concludes six weeks of ministry in the Central African Republic with GBIM missionary Barb Wooler. Here is an edited version of her final report:

This will be the last update from me in CAR.

We made our fourth visit of this month to the established orphan care group and it was a blessing. The leader was reviewing last week’s lesson on the crucifixion and the meaning of Easter. The French word they use for it is the same word that means Passover.

One of the young teenage boys stood and gave a very good spiritual application of what the Passover was and how that ties in with the Lord Jesus Christ being the Passover lamb of sacrifice. It was powerful. Sounds like a connection that the English language misses and one we should emphasize more than we do.

Several children gave testimony about how the orphan group has helped them and how grateful they are for their partners in America. They sang with great enthusiasm and joy. And almost every kid, even the very young ones, can clap in rhythm without making a mistake.

We were privileged to meet with a group of ladies at a church a little bit outside the main city. It’s in a neighborhood close to the mountain and it’s quiet there! They treat their children more gently than we’ve seen in the other neighborhoods. It was a refreshing time all the way around even though the meeting lasted three hours.

They want to start an orphan care group in their church and that was so encouraging. They asked very good questions and seemed to have a good sense about what it would require of them. It is a huge undertaking for a group of widows and/or a church, but they realize how important it is to care for these kids and train them in the things of the Lord. Their rewards in Heaven will be great!

The missionary team here has been like a big, happy family. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being with them as we’ve shared many meals together, worked together, and had some good conversations. There are many difficult things about living here, but there are also some nice aspects to life in CAR. And each one of them knows this is where the Lord has called them to minister, so they are joyful in that ministry.

I am grateful for your prayers and interest. You will never know what a blessing it is to be able to count on family and friends to pray for me. I’ve known many times that our loving Father responding to your prayers is what has made the difference at the moment. Thank you so much!