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Chaplain Asks Prayer for Family of Slain Mullah

May 31, 2005

Grace Brethren military chaplain James Schaefer (standing, right) asks prayer for the family of an Afghanistan mullah friend (seated) who was recently murdered. Here is Chaplain Schaefer’s message:

I am saddened to report that my dear friend and Afghan religious leader, Mullah Fayez, was murdered today in Kandahar.

I met with Mullah Fayez, the senior religious leader in southern Afghanistan, at least 12 times. He was a constantly affable person, open to my friendship and dialogue every time. He welcomed my commander and me every time with an embrace and ready agenda of peace in our discussions. We prayed together, cried together, worked and laughed together in the godly care for the Afghan people.

Mullah Fayez proved himself to be a godly and sacrificial leader for his people. He so often lamented the last 28 years of oppression in Kandahar by the Taliban yet praised the Coalition, and my commander, for our dangerous work, saying that for the first time “we can hope and dream of our future.” He wrote those very words in poems and in sermons to the faithful to whom he spoke every Friday.

I am terribly sad for the Fayez Family, for Mullah Fayez’ nephew and my friend, Yusef. I am sad for my friends and Mullahs in Kandahar who still fear for their lives against the al Qaeda evil still in their land.

Pray for the dear Fayez Family and for the other Mullahs and their families. Pray for peace and safety in Afghanistan and for the work of the Coalition soldiers against evil. Pray for the Love of God to continue to be tangibly seen in Afghanistan. Pray for more godly leaders, of all nations, to lead in Afghanistan.
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