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Chaplain Schaefer Reports From Afghanistan

Nov 3, 2004

Grace Brethren US Army Chaplain James Schaefer (standing, right) in Afghanistan, reports, “I had the chance, with my Col. Pedersen, to lead my Muslim Mullah leaders in prayer for the Break of Fast last Thursday, 21 Oct, during our post-dusk meal during Ramadan. We had a great time to talk about the times, the families God has given us and share in general good-natured fellowship, emphasizing our common heartfelt need to see peace and order come to Afghanistan! This is the sixth meeting with the Mullahs and is very productive in working together to change the Province of Kandahar and reach the hearts of these men! I ask you to continue to pray for this country, in Jesus’ Name!” Schaefer further reported, “I also visited the polling sites for the Afghan vote counting. I was not allowed as an American to view the counting, but stayed outside with the young soldiers who conducted security and exchanged kind words and gifts.”

Also, PRAY for our Country and its resolve to do what is right in the eyes of God!

James E. Schaefer

CTF Bronco Chaplain

DSN: 318-841-1424/1009

DNVT: 303-523-1222

“For GOD and BRONCOS!”

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