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Christian Conservatives and the GOP Convention

Sep 4, 2004

Today’s Los Angeles Times has a very good wrapup article summarizing why conservative Christians are leaving the GOP Convention in New York with optimism. Here are the first several paragraphs. To read the entire article click here.

Christian Conservatives Leave Convention in Great Spirits

by James Rainey, Times Staff Writer

NEW YORK — They may have been pushed mostly out of the prime-time spotlight, but Christian conservatives left the Republican National Convention on Friday inspired by one of the most socially conservative party platforms in years and determined to reelect a president they viewed as an ideological soul mate.

In a variety of settings mostly removed from the main stage in New York this week, social conservatives trumpeted their support for President Bush and welcomed a return of the “culture wars” they first declared more than a decade ago.

Now, in the 60 days remaining before the election, they plan to register thousands of voters, whose names have been gleaned from church directories, and distribute an estimated 30 million voter guides in churches, malls and other locations. One activist recruited conservatives to infiltrate Democratic-leaning churches and report on liberal ministers who make overt political appeals on behalf of the Democratic candidate, Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts…