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Congratulations to Two Grace Faculty Members

Feb 9, 2007

Today’s edition of the “Grace Connection” e-newsletter from Grace College and Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana (, announces that congratulations are in order for two Grace College faculty members.

Jim Swanson (pictured), associate vice president of student affairs, earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership: Higher Education, from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on December 16. The title of his dissertation was: “Success in the First Year: Impact of Alternative Advising on Students at a Liberal Arts College.”

Dr. Swanson came to Grace as dean of students in 1994. He is a graduate of William Tyndale College (BA) and Eastern Michigan University (MA). Prior to his work at Grace, he had served as a professor and therapist, as well as in management.

Congratulations are also in order to Professor Bill Gordon, chair of Grace’s Business Department. Prof. Gordon received the Star Financial Business Leadership Award on January 13. The award was presented at Taylor University’s MBA Program graduation banquet.

The award was given in recognition and appreciation for Gordon’s support and encouragement of the business community and the Taylor MBA Program. Gordon is on Taylor’s MBA Program Advisory Board.

Dr. Larry Rottmeyer, chair of the MBA Program, says, “Many Grace College business alumni have completed their MBAs in the Taylor University program. Each one of them, without exception, can comment on the impact that Professor Gordon has had on their lives during their days at Grace.”