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Editor’s Blog Gets a Nice Mention

May 12, 2005

This blog by YIE (Your Intrepid Editor) got a nice mention and tip-of-the-hat earlier this week from fellow blogger Ray Pritchard, who is senior pastor of Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, IL, and is a regular blogger on

Pastor Ray’s blog is well worth reading, as is his newest book from Crossway, entitled “The Incredible Journey of Faith.”

Here’s his note from earlier this week:

Six Blog Quickies

Attention Span offers a balanced perspective on Rick Warren and the Purpose-Driven Life. (Hat tip to Brian Bill)

Terry White has an excellent weblog, with a special focus on matters of interest to the Grace Brethren churches. (emphasis mine — tw)

John Armstrong comments on the popularity of Joel Osteen.

Wayne Pederson has a new weblog.

Bruce Johnson explains why life is too short to live with anger.

Here’s the real story about Chan Chandler and his resignation as pastor of East Waynesville Baptist Church in North Carolina for allegedly dismissing church members who voted for John Kerry. As usual, the media got the story wrong.