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Equip05 Preview: Gene Wood: Leading Turnaround Churches

May 1, 2005

By Ashley Woodworth


Gene Wood

Is your church declining or has it stopped growing? If so, this year’s FGBC conference includes a class designed to equip your leaders to stop church decline and start development. “Leading Turnaround Churches,” taught by Gene Wood, will be offered at the Equip05 conference this summer in Winona Lake, IN, July 31- August 5. The weeklong conference offers 20 modules (four for credit at Grace Seminary) on various church topics taught by qualified instructors.

Wood pastored churches in Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Ohio before accepting his current position as senior pastor of Grace Church, Glendora, CA, where he has been since 1990. Wood’s churches shared the problem of decline, and despite their varying sizes, he saw growth in each one. His experience has led to the material for this seminar, as well as a book by the same title.

“Leading Turnaround Churches” is specifically designed for pastors or future pastors who are passionate about reforming declining churches by providing turnaround leadership. The seminar will meet Tuesday and Wednesday, August 2 and 3, from 9 a.m. until noon, then continue at 1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Registration information can be found in the Equip05 flyer or on the FGBC website at Seminars may be paid for by check or credit card. For r.html more information on this or any other seminar offered at Equip05, see

Ashley Woodworth, a 2005 Grace College graduate, was an editorial intern with FGBC World this spring.

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