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Florida District Provides Scholarship for Bible Training

May 15, 2023

Churches in the Florida district are joining together to provide scholarship opportunities for students enrolled at Great Commission Bible Institute (GBCI). This will help facilitate a stronger connection with GCBI, the Florida district, and the Charis Fellowship.

GCBI is a ten-month discipleship program based in Sebring, Fla. It is designed to help young adults establish a solid understanding of God’s Word while participating in-depth discipleship and ministry experiences. The program began in 2005 by a team of pastors, Bible teachers, and missionaries. Since its formation, 225 students have completed the program.

GCBI explains the students’ experience as a “‘life learning laboratory’ that combines exceptional classroom teaching with hands-on ministry experience. Whether it’s in the church, the dorm, the workplace, or on the street, students will be prepared to take the principles they learn from Scripture and walk them out in everyday life.”

Devon Fox, program director, said, “Our mission is to train and develop the next generation of church leaders. We are committed to helping young people become passionate followers of Jesus Christ; young people who will impact our world with His Gospel.”

The Florida district wants to show the students at the school that they matter to the Charis Fellowship, and hope this scholarship will establish a strong connection between the students and the Fellowship. The scholarship is available to anyone who has been accepted to GCBI.

“We are excited to partner with the Fellowship because it means that we are able to launch these students into some amazing church opportunities in Florida,” Devon said. “The scholarship will greatly impact a student’s year and, hopefully, we get to have an incredible impact on the Fellowship in return!”

GCBI is a cooperating ministry of the Charis Fellowship. For more information, visit their website here.