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GBIM to Host Planned Giving Web Conference

Mar 14, 2005

Ted Rondeau, chief development officer for Grace Brethren International Missions, sends the following open invitation to a web/phone conference:

Grace Brethren International Missions would like to invite you to participate in a free, interactive web conference, hosted by one of our ministry partners, PhilanthroCorp. For some time now, GBIM has benefited from a relationship with PhilanthroCorp, “America’s Planned Giving Outsource.” The web conference topic is: “How to minimize taxes at death on your qualified retirement plan.”

Many professionals use their qualified retirement plan as a chief method of accumulating wealth. However, they are frequently unaware of combined income and estate taxes at death that can exceed the 70 percent bracket. This web conference will provide insight into the problem and offer creative solutions.

The web conference will take place on March 29, 2005 at 1 PM at the GBIM offices conference room and will last about an hour. Or if you would be interested in taking part from your own internet location (office, home, etc.), please contact PhilanthroCorp representative Tara DeWitt []. PhilanthroCorp will follow up with you and provide you with the link to the website and phone number for the conference call (you must be able to be logged onto the internet and receive a phone call at the same time).