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Grace College and Momentum Ministry Partners Take Their Partnership to the Next Level

Feb 24, 2023

Grace College and Momentum Ministry Partners have had a long-standing partnership that spans decades. Together, they have labored to equip students for lifelong discipleship to Jesus and to respond to the unique calling He has placed on their lives. After many years of ministering to youth together, the partners are excited to announce plans to take their partnership to the next level.

Momentum Ministry Partners, now located in Akron, Ohio, will be taking over the marketing and enrollment functions for the Grace College Akron programs. 

“For hundreds of students, Momentum Youth Conference is a transformative and life-changing week,” said Dr. Drew Flamm, president at Grace College. “And over the course of challenging messages, breakout sessions, and one-on-one conversations at the conference, many students feel called to pursue full-time vocational ministry. We want to leverage the amazing impact of Momentum to make the Grace College Akron programs accessible to more youth who are looking for hands-on ministry training. We couldn’t be more excited about deepening this relationship with Momentum!”  

“I believe that Momentum Ministry Partners is a great strategic partner for Grace College Akron because of our national presence, our history of reaching and training young people in ministry, and our effectiveness in giving young people a vision for how God might use them in vocational ministry,” said Jeff Bogue, senior pastor of Grace Church. “Grace College Akron provides the unique opportunity for young people to receive a rich education while simultaneously practicing ministry skills and acting on God’s unique calling on their life. Over the last six years, we have trained many leaders, and we find that because they are doing ministry while learning it, they are uniquely equipped to be successful in their ministry path forward.”

In addition to the Grace College Akron enrollment transition, Grace College will now be overseeing its own youth ministry major (which was formerly housed under Momentum and instructed by its staff). This will allow the school to take greater ownership of growing the program and more effectively market the opportunity to prospective students.

A version of this story originally appeared in a press release from Grace College. Find more information about Grace on their website here. Find more information about Momentum on their website here.