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Grace for Your Senior Years

May 1, 2005

By Ron Dorner
One of the blessings of being an obedient servant of the Lord is a long life. Many of us will live well into our eighties and perhaps nineties. Longevity brings some unique financial challenges and lifestyle decisions.

It is best to prepare financially as though you will live to be 100, but prepare spiritually as though you were going to live only a few more days. Unfortunately, we sometimes get it backwards.

Aging brings many unknowns. Will we be able to remain independent? Whom can we depend on to help make major decisions? Can I expect my children to assist me or take me into their home? Would I want to live with my children? What if I have no children, or outlive my children?

The earlier you start putting money aside for retirement, the more options you will have. The older we become, the harder it is for us to make major decisions. This should be a warning for those of us in our sixties and early seventies.

The older generation often has the mindset, “My choice is to stay in my own home or end up in a nursing home.” There are other options.

Grace Brethren have been blessed with a unique retirement solution, Grace Village Retirement Community in Winona Lake, IN. Four levels of retirement living are offered. For active retirees there are individual town homes and independent living apartments. For those needing more assistance, assisted-living apartments and nursing care are offered. With this broad range of services, the transition to levels of care during the senior years can be handled with less emotional stress. Friends and surroundings remain the same, and you have a compassionate Christian staff available to assist you.

The minimum age at Grace Village is 55. Nursing care fees are structured on a daily rate. Assisted-living is based on a monthly rate, while independent-living apartments and town homes offer three options: monthly rental or two life leases (refundable and non-refundable).

Grace Village is licensed by the state of Indiana and is certified by the Federal Government as a Medicare and Medicaid provider. Grace Village’s mission is “to enable older adults to live to their fullest potential in the security of a Christian community.”

If you are at the age where living arrangement decisions need to be made, give thought to Grace Village Retirement Community. Cynthia Pergrem, Director of Marketing and Sales, can be reached at (574) 372-6291.

Ron Dorner has worked in Grace Brethren financial and estate planning for more than 17 years. For more information, or to schedule a Financial Planning Seminar in your church, e-mail

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