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Is He Following a Stream?

Aug 16, 2004

Mon., 8/16, 2:30pm

Ed Trenner called in from the field to report that the SAR team has found Bob’s name and a date along the creek they were following. It was dated 8/15 (yesterday), but this is the first solid evidence we have that this is really Bob’s trail. Good news!

Mon., 8/16, 1:16pm

Alex Pickavet, park Public Information Officer, reports that there are still no major changes. She has spent some time with Diane and says that she is doing well. There are currently 55-60 professionals on the ground involved in this search. One canine team had a prior commitment and will be assigned elsewhere today. She emphasized that this seach and rescue operation is not unusual and they are well-equipped for this situation. The park has received many, many calls regarding this Search and Rescue operation, and to help keep the information flowing to all of Bob’s friends, any news that the Information Office receives will be reported here as news comes in from the field. Again, Unless you are direct family, please do NOT come up to the campground. There is no need for volunteers at this time and there are several people already here to support the Gnewuch family.

Mon., 8/16, 1:30pm

Rachel Gnewuch and Jennifer Christian spoke with one of the SAR team members not long ago. They report that a team is still tracking Bob’s footprints from earlier today. He seems to be moving along a creek and moving quickly. This likely means that he is strong, healthy, and determined to get home! This information has not been confirmed by an official source yet.