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Julien Book Reviewed by Missions Leader

Feb 2, 2007

This review of Tom Julien’s BMH Books Antioc Revisited was recently circulated by David Mays of ACMC:

from: David Mays

“Anitoch Revisited: Reuniting the Church with Her Mission”
By Tom Julien. BMH Books, 2006, 119 pages. Price: US$9.99

Tom Julien served many years as a missionary in France and lateras the Executive Director for Grace Brethren International Missions. In this book he tells the story of “John” who comes to understand that mission is woven into the very essence of the church.

“John proceeds to help his sending church rediscover, and organize to fulfill, its true mission. The author hopes to help ordinary church leaders organize around the mission.

“It is one of the great tragedies of church history – the divorce between the church and her mission. Today few churches even know that the divorce occurred, making it even more painful. The separation has persisted so long that it seems normal.”

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