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Katrina Prayer Requests

Sep 9, 2005

The following prayer requests are being distributed by Ron Boehm and Kathy Allison of the “FGBC Katrina Task Force” to encourage churches and individuals in the FGBC on how to pray for those involved in relief efforts:

Please Pray:

1. Dan O’Deens is exhausted from the work and needs strength for the task, peace in the storm and rest.
2. Several men are traveling to the area of need. Prayer for safe travel and open doors of opportunity to assist and share.
3. Ask God to use these men, serving as “Shift Operators”, to bring calm to the restless crowds and to set clear direction for those in need.
4. Pray that God will lead the men from our fellowship to the place where they can be strategic in their assistance and shine as God’s servants for His glory.
5. Terry Hofecker is serving as police chaplain among the police force from his community and faces danger daily. Pray for his protection and that the Lord would use him to relieve those who are experiencing severe trauma.