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London Grace Brethren Safe Following Bombings

Jul 7, 2005

The current posting on gives the following updates in the wake of this morning’s bombings in London:

The word from the London team via a phone contact with Rhonda Weaver is that they are all safe after the subway/bus bombings that occurred Thursday (July 7) in London during morning rush hour.

Bill Kiddoo (GBIM England) wrote,
“Just to inform you and all at the office that while the explosions took place within a mile of our team everyone is safe and accounted for. Our daughter was on the bus route yesterday that had the explosion today. While the team has been out, none were on public transport at the time.”

And from Tom Barlow:
“Just a very quick note to let you know that our whole family is well after the explosions in London this morning. The Weavers are fine, too.

We are in the process of checking with all of our friends and acquaintances.
“I’m writing this from Virginia, where Megane and I are recovering from jet lag and visiting a couple churches. But I would ask you to pray especially for MaryAnn as she deals with all the emotions and stress alone in London with Niki and Anne. Pray also for them as they are scheduled to fly from London to Philadelphia on Saturday!”

Watch the GBIM website for any updates on the situation.

The following additional information comes from Grace College and Seminary, through Judy Daniels’ weekly “Grace Connection” e-mail update:

TODAY’S BOMBING IN LONDON was made more personal as we learned that one of our Grace College students was nearby when the bus explosion occurred. The student, a social work major, contacted Department Chair Carrie Yocum this morning to let her know that she and other members of her group were safe. The student is in London for her Cross Cultural Field Experience for Grace and is also taking a class through another school this summer, which includes stops in London, Paris, and Spain.

She and other students were on their way to an underground station when the bus explosion occurred. She says, “The bus explosion was about three blocks from where we are staying. The strange thing is that the other mornings that we met or are to meet to go places, we had to be here by 8:30. This morning, however, we were to meet at 9:30. If we had met at the regular time, we would have likely been on the Tube when the explosions occurred.”

We thank God for His protection in this situation. This is a reminder for all of us to pray for students and alumni who are in the London area or are traveling overseas at this time.