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Mar 8, 2023

“The more I got to know pastors across our Fellowship, the more I came to appreciate their stories.”

Tim Sprankle, lead pastor at Leesburg Grace Church in northern Indiana, launched a new podcast in February with Trent Lambert from the Center for Thriving Leaders at Grace Seminary.

Tim has been a pastor in the Charis Fellowship for 16 years. As he interacted with other pastors at ministerium meetings, Focus Retreats, Access Conference, and board meetings, he realized that everyone has a unique story worth sharing.

“The goal of this podcast is to expose people in the Charis Fellowship to this wonderful, broad collective of pastors who have committed to following Jesus and leading other people,” Tim said.

The current format is Tim and Trent interview one pastor a month, hitting three main areas. They start their discussion with personal life, asking general get-to-know-you questions to help listeners connect with the speaker. Then they move onto ministry and discuss their focus and strengths in that area. Lastly, they dive into the pastor’s personal walk with Jesus. “At the core we’re all disciples,” Tim said. “If our hearts aren’t regularly refreshed in God’s presence, our leadership impact won’t be as effective.”

Trent said, “It behooves us as leaders to be holistically healthy to reproduce healthy people in our churches.”

The first two guests on the podcast, Devin Livingston and Dave Holmes, discussed topics such as prayer life, being in tune with the Holy Spirit, and the connection between staying healthy spiritually and having things to look forward to on your calendar.

Listen to the first episode of More of Us on Spotify, Apple, or Libsyn.

The More of Us podcast features real, uncut conversations about life, pastoral ministry, and walking with Jesus. All guests are pastors in the Charis Fellowship, bound by their common commitment to biblical truth, relationship, and mission. We trust as you hear MORE OF US, you’ll see Christ among us.