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Natorg Heads Gather to Discuss, Pray

Dec 11, 2004

The executive directors/heads of the major Grace Brethren cooperating organizations gathered this week for a festive Christmas dinner and their annual lengthy discussion about the Fellowship–the bright spots, issues to address, reports on activity, and ways to pray for Grace Brethren churches and people. Held in the conference room of the newly-renovated offices of Brethren Missionary Herald Co. and the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, the dinner was prepared by FGBC staff member Sandy Barrett. Participants included (right, front to back), Ron Manahan, president of Grace College and Seminary; Ed Lewis, executive director of CE National; and Dave Guiles, executive director of Grace Brethren International Missions. At left (front to back) are Tom Avey, FGBC Fellowship Coordinator; Larry Chamberlain of Grace Brethren North American Missions and Grace Brethren Investment Foundation; and Terry White, executive director of the Brethren Missionary Herald Co. (Jesse Deloe photo). Posted by Hello