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Newspaper Features Osceola Community Day

Oct 3, 2004

The “Touchpoint Weekend” community service project of the Osceola, IN, Grace Brethren Church was featured in last Wednesday’s South Bend Tribune newspaper. Reproduced here are the first several paragraphs–to read the complete story with photographs click here.

Good Samaritans

Church members do community service projects

By LISA KOCAHNOWSKITribune Correspondent

Linda Szuba, of South Bend does not see her husband, Mark, do windows very often at home.

This past weekend Mark made an exception while the Szuba family, including 8-year-old daughter Laura, came out to help Osceola Grace Brethren Church with its Touchpoint Weekend community service project.

Over 100 members of the church did special community service projects, which included visiting nursing homes, washing cars, washing windows, helping people around their homes and pumping gas.

The goal of the project is to give back to the Osceola community, a place their church has been a part of for 75 years. They wanted the chance to say thank you to area residents and invite them to a free hog roast sponsored by the church.