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Oahu Impacted by Helicopter Crash

Feb 6, 2005

Pastor David Mitchell of the Waipio Grace Brethren Church in Mililani, Hawaii, sends along the following urgent prayer request:

Our island has been stunned and shocked to hear that 27 of the 31 Marines who died in the helicopter crash in Iraq yesterday came from our Marine base in Kaneohe, located on this island of Oahu.

The military is a big part of our lives and our churches here in Hawaii, so when something like this tragic event happens we all feel the pain, but nothing like the immediate families involved. Families are being notified and counseling places are being put into place. Tears flow quickly when we think of how many of our brave young men and women have died in this war in which the people we are trying to “save” could care less about our people’s safety.

Please join us here in praying for these families and pray also that somehow something will happen that will allow our soldiers to come home sooner than projected. The only consolation is that we have a loving God Who can give comfort when one turns to Him.

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