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One Worshiper’s Response to Communion

Mar 24, 2005

Most Grace Brethren churches this Easter week are observing the threefold communion service that is one of the distinctives of the Grace Brethren movement. Based on scripture, the communion service includes footwashing, the fellowship supper, and the bread and the cup.

Pastor Scott Distler of the Lititz, PA, Grace Brethren Church, shares this response from someone who participated in communion with the Lititz congregation:

“I wanted to share with you regarding the message that you gave to the congregation on Palm Sunday. I was so profoundly touched by the Holy Spirit when your words reached my heart. I feel that I have found a true Church where God is clearly making his presence known to me. I am filled with joy about coming to Grace Church and I look forward to every Sunday.

“This past Sunday, I participated in Communion. I was so at peace when I left church that night. The whole day was a blessing and I thank you and your family and the whole church family. I want to shout to the rafters the glorious ‘Good News’ of Jesus and I am so looking forward to Easter Sunday.

“I have been to many different churches in my lifetime. I studied with the Jehovah Witnesses for two years. I have studied Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, attended many different Protestant churches, as well as Catholicism. But, finally I feel that I have found the Lord. He has led me gently to Grace.”  Posted by Hello