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Pastor Evaluates ACTS Training

Jan 7, 2005

Pastor Dan White of the York, PA, Grace Brethren church has written the following short evaluation of this week’s ACTS training at the request of Fellowship Coordinator Tom Avey. White was one of about 50 who participated in the training at MetroGrace in Philadelphia, conducted by GBIM’s Dave Guiles and Paul Klawitter. Information on the May seminar may be obtained from


Though developed in the crucible of the foreign mission field, the ACTS strategy of reaching our world for Christ is not just for those who go overseas. It is good for all believers–at home and abroad.

In a short week of interaction with the Scriptures and the dynamic of other students, I found myself having a series of “aha” moments that will affect my own local ministry. These moments have caused me to re-evaluate “church” and “outreach” in new ways that will make ministry in the 21st century more relevant to the culture where I live and serve.

I believe it can do the same for you. For me, it was:

1. An opportunity to learn what our church’s cross-cultural church planters are implementing where they serve overseas. I believe local and extension ministries ought to work in concert, yet with the obvious considerations that differing cultures will have.

2 . An acknowledgement that I also need to address my own culture with a better understanding of how to impact my harvest field.

3. A consideration of ways that I can then use to influence our church’s people toward the goal of ALL being mobilized and ALL being equipped to reach their own world. In so doing it will help us to continue to plant churches in our Jerusalem environs (and, Lord willing, beyond).

Some wonderful side benefits?

1. To spend a week of stimulating one-on-one, plus small and large group times with others also interested in these issues.

2 . Plus, a time to make new friends, and renew and strengthen relationships with others.

It IS for all who are “on mission”. So, how can you go wrong? The next training session is scheduled for this spring in Winona Lake, Indiana. You may contact GBIM for further details.