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Pray for Hemet’s ‘Four Days of Evangelism’

Feb 6, 2007

The Center of Grace Brethren Chapel in Hemet, California (Bill Kitchell, pastor, Bryan Ziegler, associate) asks for your prayers as they plan and implement a special “Four Days of Evangelism” the week after Easter, 2007.

The church, which is currently meeting at the Dartmouth Middle School in Hemet, will feature Norwalk Pastor Wayne Ayer (pictured) as the featured speaker all four nights, focusing on the theme “He is Risen—So What?”

Pastors Kitchell and Ziegler are publicizing the meetings through flyers, newspaper, and radio spots, but particularly ask prayer that the meetings will draw unsaved people and that the Holy Spirit will work. According to Ayer, “Revival is not worked up, it’s prayed down!”

Each of the days will have a special focus, with the Friday night target group being the 18-35 age group. There will be live music and childcare each evening.