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Search Update

Aug 16, 2004

Sun., 8/15, 10pm

The team from GCO was able to get into the campground. The search was called off for the night, but will be re-grouping at 6:30am Monday. The Dorst Creek campground was evacuated due to contaminated water, but all the Gnewuch family and their friends were allowed to remain. Arrangements for another helicopter were made, and Yosemite Search and Rescue was notified.

Mon., 8/16, 10:45am

3 footprints that match Bob’s shoes were found in the area of the previous footprint. The search teams are focusing their attention to this area, trying to “box in” the area to make sure that he cannot leave that vicinity without being seen. Yosemite Search and Rescue has responded with an addition 10-16 people. There are two canine units on the scene; these are rescue dogs, not tracking dogs. A helicopter from California Highway Patrol was called in; it is equipped with sensors that can detect a person’s body heat. The Search and Rescue teams are very optimisitic, saying that this scenario has worked out successfully many, many times. Local authorities have stated that they do not need any volunteers at this time. Bob’s employer has been notified and is spreading the word. George and Lupe Martin live about 80 miles from the campground and have opened their home to anyone who needs it.