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September/October FGBC World Now Online

Aug 24, 2005

The September/October 2005 issue of FGBC World, which should arrive in paper form in churches and homes just before September 1, is now online and viewable at

The paper, which is distributed free to all Grace Brethren churches and individuals who request it, appears six times a year. The current issue features photos and reports from all three major Grace Brethren conferences this summer–DRIVEN, BNYC, and Equip05.

The lead article is on the Columbus Crusader Football program, which is affiliated with the Grace Brethren Church of Columbus, Ohio. Other front-page articles include a summary of the Equip05 moderator’s address by incoming FGBC moderator Keith Shearer, and a feature on the one-year intensive 4:12 Commission program, which began last week.

The content of the online version is longer and richer (more links, more photos) than the paper version. In this issue you will read about the Grace Brethren twins who were the oldest set at the recent Twinsburg, OH, twins reunion; the missionary pioneering work of Orville Jobson; the appearance of the republished commentary on the Gospel of John by Dr. Homer A. Kent, Jr. by BMH Books; and more.

Each issue contains a calendar of upcoming events of interest to the Fellowship and a “Grace Brethren Almanac” that takes a look at Grace Brethren history 10, 25, and 50 years ago. And each issue always contains a “salvation piece” which clearly lays out the plan of salvation so that churches who wish to use the paper as a witnessing tool or gift for visitors and neighbors may be assured they have a way to understand how to come into a personal relationship with Christ. Posted by Picasa