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SMM Transfers to Women of Grace

Jun 22, 2004

Women of Grace USA is pleased to announce that the organization has accepted responsibility for overseeing the SMM program. SMM (Serving My Master) is a long-standing ministry of Grace Brethren churches in which women train girls to live godly lives.

Women of Grace acknowledges with deepest gratitude the unparalleled contribution CE National has made to SMM. For 30 years they have provided the guidance, strong leadership, resources and generous support needed to develop and maintain the program.

Women of Grace is now in the process of evaluating the direction and structure of SMM and determining how it can best meet the needs of girls today, focusing on elementary through high-school-age girls. Viki Rife will continue to serve as Director of Girls’ Ministries.

Orders for SMM materials should still be placed with CE National, which will continue to serve as a distribution center. Any other questions regarding SMM can be addressed to Viki Rife, (574) 257-4252—or e-mail Viki at