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Speakers Announced for Access 2023

Jun 30, 2023

How do we share the unchanging hope we’ve found in Jesus with a rapidly changing world? At Access 2023, a variety of speakers will share how the Gospel changes lives while offering encouragement, wisdom, and fresh models for moving forward into the future of ministry. 

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Pastor Jeff Bogue
Senior Pastor Grace Church & President of Momentum Ministry Partners

Jeff has served as senior pastor of Grace Church of Greater Akron for 30 years. He has also served as the president of Momentum Ministry Partners for the past three years, is a graduate of Grace College and Seminary, and has authored five books. Jeff is motivated by his deep passion for the local church, a desire to raise up the next generation of leaders, and a strong conviction of how Christ continues to work through His Church to build His Kingdom. He counts it a privilege to work alongside Grace Church staff as well as Momentum Ministry Partners and Grace College in the development of young leaders.

Jeff has been married to his wife, Heidi, for 30 years and together they have six children and three daughters-in-law.

Mike Yoder
Executive Director-Elect of Encompass World Partners

Mike has served as the executive director-elect of Encompass World Partners since January 2023, and will assume the role of executive director this July. Prior to that, he served as lead pastor at Grace Polaris Church in Westerville, Ohio, for 11 years. Mike’s passions in life are largely centered around the Great Commission (Gospel to the nations) and the local church, and both have featured largely in his ministry career. He delights in seeing the local church mobilized and invested in taking the Gospel to the nations. Mike rejoices that his current role at Encompass combines those passions in significant ways.

Mike has been married to his wife, Letitia, for 29 years and together they have four children.

Freddy Cardoza
Dean of Grace Theological Seminary

Freddy has served as the Dean of Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Ind., for four years. Having been discipled as a teenager new to the faith, Freddy became completely committed to the necessity of evangelism, the importance of discipleship, and the value of a Christian worldview. He wants to help others see the truth of Christ and God’s Word so they can avoid the spoil, desolation, and defeat those without Christ experience in their lives, and that is what empowers his commitment to Christian education, discipleship, and formation.

Freddy has been married to his wife, Kristy, for almost 30 years, and together they have two sons.

Clancy Cruise
Lead Pastor of Marysville Grace Church

Clancy has served as lead pastor of Marysville Grace Church in Marysville, Ohio, since he and his family started the church in their living room 21 years ago. Clancy believes the gospel changes lives, and the local church is God’s Plan A for reaching the lost around the world.

Clancy has been married to his wife, Sandy, for 36 years, and together they have four children and nine grandchildren.

Pastor Phil Sparling
Executive Director of Charis Fellowship & Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church

Phil has served as executive director of the Charis Fellowship since July 2019. He is also the senior pastor at Grace Community Church in Auburn, Calif.

Phil and his wife, Ruth, have four children and eight grandchildren.