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Two Urgent FGBC Family Prayer Requests

May 30, 2005

Here are two urgent prayer requests from FGBC family members. The first is from Steve Galegor, Jr., who works as a Grace Brethren North American Missions church-planter in New York City:

Please pray for us as we face a terrible family event. Yesterday, Melanie’s dad, Lyle Galey, collapsed and suffered a heart attack which prolonged and has resulted in severe bleeding in his brain after a heart procedure. Doctors have concluded there is nothing more that they can do.

I have rushed Melanie to the airport and she is now with the family at his bedside. I will be packing up the kids and making our way back to Indiana as the prognosis is for his passing within hours. Please pray for God’s healing should He wish, grace and peace for Mel’s mom, Marie, and her sister, Laura and family gathered there. We have been very close as a family and this has devasted Mel. The kids are struggling too, so we pray for much grace. I ask your prayers as we travel today the 13 hours back to Indiana.

The second is an update from Elizabeth Schaefer, wife of Grace Brethren military chaplain James Schaefer:

Here is an update on my treatment for thyroid cancer. I thought I’d let everyone know that they have scheduled me to be hospitalized for the radioactive iodine treatment this coming week–I’ll be at Tripler Hospital from Tuesday at least through Friday. (no visitors are allowed–not even family–I’ll be totally isolated).

I appreciate everyone’s prayers that I don’t get sick from this stuff (and perhaps affect its effectiveness by vomiting or whatever–the first four hours are critical), and that God will give my family grace, especially James, during this time.

About 10 days after this is over, they will do a whole-body scan and see if there are spots of cancer anywhere else. Of course we are praying for the best. It is hoped that this one massive treatment will kill all the thyroid cells left in my body, no matter where they are, so that all chances of remaining cancer will be killed. After THAT time, they plan to start me on the replacement hormone, so I’ll likely continue to be weak until they get that regulated. By God’s grace, we pray that will not be a hard and long process!

I’m not looking forward to this, but I am looking forward to starting on the road to getting better. I pray for the Lord to somehow use this as a testimony to others of His care and grace in my life! Thanks for praying for James and the kids. Gracie’s six friends from Grace College are going to still be here during my hospitalization, Tom has a full-time job, and James is working and trying to tie up all loose ends here at Schofield in order to get ready for us to move July 1. So they are at least busy. That’s good. 🙂