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Why This Election Matters

Sep 10, 2004

Today’s editorial is from Grace Seminary grad and former Grace faculty member John H. Stoll, Ph.D.

The coming election of our president will have a far greater effect on our nation than previous elections.

There are at least two underlying reasons for this: how the coming president will handle world affairs, especially increased hostility and terrorism, and, secondly, the precedent-setting personal hatred of our current president and how this will affect the future if he is reelected, as well as later presidents.

What is behind the intense personal attacks, and what can be done to restore a semblance of civility and honor to our electoral process, which has degenerated to vile language against him and castigating his personhood?

When one reflects upon our president, we see a person who has made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as the Savior of his life. When Jesus Christ was on earth, He noted that the world would hate the Christian, just as it hated Him (Matthew 24:9). Futhermore, in Satan’s increasing attack upon every aspect of Christianity, it is no wonder that he fiercely attacks the president of the world’s greatest country, who is a Christian.

Therefore, he is marshaling all his forces to defeat the president as well as Christianity in our country. As the world comes closer to the return of Jesus Christ in judgment, Satan is ratcheting up his attacks in every aspect of God’s work and people.

It is important for Christians who are also citizens of our country to have a well-thought-out biblical worldview, consistent with scriptural principles and to be informed of our rights and privileges that we enjoy under our Constitution. Furthermore, it is important to understand the basic philosophical differences between the two major parties and vote accordingly as stewards of God’s wisdom.

The conflict in the political arena today is not primarily between two opposing political parties as in the past. It has been raised to a higher level of intensity – to that of a spiritual conflict. It is a battle between God and Satan with mankind in between and each force working to control mankind and the world.

By that I am not saying that one party is beholden to God and the other to Satan, for there is both good and evil in each party. But having a Christian president, who has not made perfect judgments for he is human, nevertheless has become a lightning rod for satanic attacks, just because he has openly acknowledged Jesus Christ, as well as having appointed some Christians to places of high office in our country.

There is good news in the midst of this conflict today, and that is that God is sovereign over the affairs of mankind and His overall program is on target, for which Christians are able to rejoice.

The Bible tells us, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). What more do we need, and what more can we ask?

Dr. John H. Stoll is executive director of A.S.K., Inc., a professional counseling and Bible teaching organization. For the past 18 years he has been the director of a Christian psychological clinic in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.