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Women of Grace Release Resource Magazine

Jul 6, 2005

Women of Grace USA has just released the first 40-page issue of its new annual resource publication entitled “Women’s Spectrum.”

According to the group’s president, Janet Minnix, the annual publication has a two-fold purpose. The first is to inform and challenge individual readers, and the second is to serve as a versatile tool and resource that can be used in any women’s ministry in the local church.

Linda Michael is editor of the publication, and Viki Rife is the managing editor. Contributing editors include Kathleen Hohl, Harriet Zook, and Ruth Poupart.

The theme of this first issue is one2one, and it focuses on the importance of mentoring in the lives of women and girls. Personality sketches of a number of Grace Brethren missionary women are included, as well as helpful and informative articles on various aspects of the fruit of the Spirit.

Copies of “Women’s Spectrum” are available for $7.50 per copy. For more information e-mail or log onto the Women of Grace website at www.womenofgraceusa.orgPosted by Picasa