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Arafat Clearly Heard, Understood the Gospel

Nov 13, 2004

Yasser Arafat, who was buried today in Ramallah, clearly heard and understood the Gospel on several occasions, according to those who were present at the time. This story, from ASSIST News Service, details several occasions on which Arafat was given the message of salvation. I think you will find the details quite interesting and intriguing. Here is a short excerpt:

Recently Dr. Michael Youssef, the minister of the Church of the Apostles of Atlanta and of the TV and radio ministry ‘Leading the Way’ accepted R.T. Kendall’s invitation to visit Israel and Palestine.

During the first week of September, RT, Dr. and Mrs. Youssef and their son Joshua journeyed to Israel — mainly to meet President Arafat and the Chief Rabbi of Israel. “Yasser Arafat had his 75th birthday only days before we saw him on September 2,” said Kendall. “I brought in a Bible — in English and Arabic — which he seemed very pleased to receive, and we gave him also some crystallized fruit that I knew he loves.”

Dr. Youssef said to him: “The prince of peace was born in this part of the world…and we know He is the only one who can gives us peace…it is our prayer that He may give you wisdom to achieve peace.” President Arafat was pleased to receive this word, Dr. Kendall said. “I felt led to share with President Arafat the verses that always govern me when I go into Ramallah. “For example, when you are before governors and kings ‘do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you’ (Matt.10:18-20).

“I told him I believe God gives me the words I say to him. I have always sensed the unusual leadership of the Holy Spirit every time I am with President Arafat. On at least two occasions — when I presented the Gospel very strongly to him — I felt I had as much anointing as in any pulpit. But each time afterwards I also feared I would never be invited back. But he has invited me back three times — even to have lunch with him. We had over an hour with him on this occasion. I read Psalm 91:14-16, asked him permission to anoint him with oil and pray for him.

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