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Auto Buyer Teaches Survival Skills

Feb 17, 2005

Jim Shipley, of the Grace College faculty, gave a seminar yesterday afternoon in Westminster Hall on how to choose a car correctly as part of the Survival Skills Seminar series offered by the college. Organized and directed by Kathy Barnhart of the college staff, the series is open to students and alumni and offers practical, helpful hints from skilled professionals. The next seminar will be February 23 and is on the subject of “Hair Do’s and Don’ts.” Shipley, who comes from a family car business in the Dayton, OH, area, offers services in car buying and detailing in the Winona Lake/Warsaw, IN, area. He can be reached at (574) 267-4302 or at Topics covered included buying a new vehicle, options for buying a used vehicle, online research, researching dealerships, extended warranties and service contracts, certified used vehicles, private sales, and doing a mechnical and physical inspection of a vehicle. Posted by Hello