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Berne, IN, Church Hosts Prophecy Conference

Nov 23, 2004

The Bethel Brethren Church, located at 718 East Main Street, Berne, Indiana, will host a three-day Bible prophecy conference beginning Sun., Nov. 28, with evangelist Mike Wingfield of Roanoke, Virginia as guest speaker.

Wingfield is a 1975 Master of Divinity graduate of Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Ind. and has 33 years of ministry experience. Wingfield is the founder and director of Prophecy Today Ministries and is active as an author, editor, and an international Bible prophecy conference speaker.

His ministry opportunities have taken him coast to coast in 21 U.S. states and to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Canada, and New Zealand. He has been the featured speaker at 274 conferences in churches of various denominations in the U.S. in the last 7 years. His Bible prophecy newsletter has circulation in 47 states and 8 foreign countries. In recent years he has traveled to the Middle East 12 times and has become familiar with the political, social, economical, and spiritual trends in the region. His careful studies of the prophetic Scriptures, traveling experiences, and Scriptural analysis of world events, have given him a keen insight into current events.

The conference messages will be as follows: Sunday, 9 a.m. “Here Comes the Groom”; 10 a.m. “The Rapture of the Church”; 7 p.m. “The Global Call for Peace and Security”; Monday, 7 p.m. “Living in a Demonic Society”; and Tuesday, 7 p.m. “The Prophetic Future of Iran” Color slides on the Middle East will be shown each evening 15 minutes before the listed service times.

Wingfield’s messages are colorfully illustrated with the use of computer “power-point” graphics, and demonstrate how current events are setting the stage for the end-time events, just as proclaimed by the ancient prophets of Israel. Those who have read the “Left Behind” series of novels, will want to hear these messages that give the Biblical background for these novels that have become so popular.

Pastor Joe Nass and the congregation at the Bethel Brethren Church invite the public to attend. For more information call (260) 589-3381 or (260) 589-2731.

Those wishing to receive Mike Wingfield’s Bible prophecy newsletter, or receive a brochure for one of his future Holy Land tours, please send a request to: Prophecy Today Ministries, P.O. Box 210, Boones Mill, Virginia 24065.