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Bob’s Entire Dramatic Rescue Story

Aug 18, 2004

The Fresno Bee newspaper has a full accounting of the rescue story. Here are the first few paragraphs. To read the entire story, click here.

Experienced searchers say it’s the third day when worry turns to dread.On Sunday, the second night that Bob Gnewuch was lost in Sequoia National Park, rescue teams planned an inch-by-inch search of rugged terrain for the next morning. They would look for any clue of what had happened to him, instead of only looking for a moving person.

Ed Trenner, Gnewuch’s pastor of 20 years, stopped feeling confident that his strong, stubborn-willed friend would emerge from the woods at any moment and in his prayers “surrendered Bob to God’s hands.”

And Gnewuch, trying to hike to a ridge and finding himself blocked by a thundering waterfall, took a pen and wrote his name, address and phone number on his hand — in case he died before rescuers found him.