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Chaplain’s Unit “Adopts” Afghan Orphans

Mar 9, 2005

Grace Brethren chaplain James Schaefer, serving in Afghanistan, has sent along this photo of some children at an orphanage in Kandahar, Afghanistan, which his troops have “adopted” for long-term friendship and communication. This was “Friendship Day”on March 3 at the Shaeed Abdul Karzi orphanage in Kandahar when 3-7 Field Artillery (one of the units attached to Schaefer’s brigade) officially offered permanent friendship and support for years to come to the orphanage, wherever the 3-7 FA may be located in the future.

Schaefer says he has researched, and believes this to be the first-ever permanent “friendship relationship” offered by any American military unit in Afghanistan.

Schaefer concludes with, “God bless you for your prayers and support, and God bless our soldiers and Afghans!”
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