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Dan O’Deens Late Ministry Update

Sep 5, 2005

The following report has just been received from Gay O’Deens, wife of Pastor Dan O’Deens of Parkesburg, PA.

Dan called me and let me know he is in Shreveport Louisiana.
It is about six hours north of Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

He is at Shreveport northwest extension or chapter of the RED CROSS.
They have him administrating the set-up of shelters, approximately 8-10 shelters already today. These shelters are housing anywhere from 100 – 2,000 people each.

In the setup they need to make sure there is a team of Medic Care, Food
Distributors, dormitory, childcare, and clothing units.

Before they can send the people out they need to decontaminate them from any
communicable diseases, lice, etc. and send them out with new clothes.

He said it is like setting up new cities.

He is in charge of sending out every national Red Cross staff worker, every
national volunteer,handling walk-ins and every local volunteer that comes
into Shreveport.

He is also in the process of seeing the possibilities of taking an old army base
and basically making it into a refugee camp for long-term, almost like building a small city. It could house approximately 50,000.

Another pastor is with Dan and they are working on how to get the
people education, church, medical care and other social care all within the
army base shelter for long-term.

Most will not be able to go back to their homes as they knew them.

They have also deployed groups of people out to Massachusetts and Michigan.

Thanks for your prayers