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Pygmy Drowning Update: A New Baby

Sep 5, 2005

Barb Wooler, GBIM missionary to the Central African Republic, is currently back in the CAR overseeing the ministry there to Pygmies and to orphans. A current news item on the GBIM website give this update to the tragic drowning of Pygmy evangelist Balemagna (pictured) last February.

In February of this year Barb Wooler (GBIM, Central African Republic) sent the heart-breaking news that a Grace Brethren Pygmy evangelist had drowned. The evangelist, named Jean-Marie Balemagna, died leaving his wife, Mokanako, with two little boys to raise. One is named “Matabisi” (“Gift,” age 4) and the other is “Merci” (“Thank you,” age 3).

In her most recent update, Barb writes: “What a gift it was to hear Mokanako calling me to come out of my house to greet her, and to be greeted not just by her, but by a two-month-old baby, and Mokanako smiling from ear to ear.”

Barb continues, “PRAY that God would protect these little ones. In spite of the fact that Mokanako and Jean-Marie are excellent parents, their first five children all died. At the loss of the fifth child, Mokanako’s bitterness eventually turned to repentance and brokenness. So far these last three [children] seem reasonably healthy.

“PRAY as well that Mokanako can find another husband. Being a widow in Pygmy society is very difficult, especially with children to raise. Her brother-in-law, evangelist Andre BATOMA, is providing for her at the present time.

“It appears that this little girl’s name is going to be “Ngia” (“Joy”).

Further updates on Barb’s travels and ministry may be seen at www.womenofcharis.netPosted by Picasa