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Evangelism Book is Having an Impact

Jul 1, 2005

Very encouraging reports are coming in from the impact of the recent BMH Books release, “How to Start a Kingdom Conversation” by Duke Heller of our Columbus, Ohio, Grace Brethren Church.

Here is just one report from Duke: “Some people have come to make a commitment to Christ from reading the book and using the book as a witnessing tool. The first day the book was released, Debbie, a dental assistant to one of the MII Externs, reading the book realized she could not remember the exact date of asking Christ into her heart, so she did it reading the book that evening.”

Praise the Lord! The book is available ($11.99 retail) from or by calling 1-800-348-2756 or at Christian bookstores. Sharpen your evangelism effectiveness today with this powerful tool!
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