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Galegor Prayer Request Follow-Up

Jun 7, 2005

Blog readers were asked last week to pray for a sudden emergency situation with the father-in-law of Steve Galegor, Jr., missionary with Grace Brethren North American Missions to New York City. Here is an excerpt from Steve’s report, followed by a paragraph from the tribute he gave at the funeral:

Though many of you heard, I tell you with a sad and heavy heart that Melanie’s dad, Lyle Galey, was taken to the Lord’s side last Sunday early in the morning. He was sustained by a respirator until I got there with the kids to say goodbye, it was removed, and then he passed. It was a traumatic week for us all but we were sustained by lots of family, the outpouring of love by the church family at Harvest Fellowship and by your thoughts and prayers. The sting of the initial shock has passed but we mourn for the loss and begin to recall all the good memories we have.

From the funeral tribute:

Lyle has finished the work for which he was made, a unique lifework. I believe his family and all of those who were here yesterday and you now today are a testimony that Lyle fought the good fight; he finished the course, and kept the faith. For that, and many other reasons, I am proud to be one of the sons Lyle always looked forward to having, and I hope we will all continue the work serving the Lord as he did.

While we mourn, and Jesus said we would grieve, our grief will turn to joy. By faith, hope and love in Jesus we will see Lyle again. I thank you all for the love and warmth that you have shown which has sustained our family. May God’s blessings be upon us all to His glory.

We thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, the many cards and quick email responses.