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History of Anabaptism Now Available on DVD

Sep 14, 2004

During the 16th century the Anabaptists were rejected and persecuted by Catholic and Protestants alike. This Spring, almost 400 years later, Catholic, Lutheran and Reformed bodies have sought reconciliation and forgiveness for their treatment of the Anabaptists. (see archived items on this blog August 7 “Exploring Our Anabaptist Roots” and August 18 “Making Amends With the Anabaptists”).

Now on DVD, here is an internationally-acclaimed theatrical feature film about the amazing story of Michael and Margaretha Sattler and the Anabaptists’ role in the Reformation era.

The 100-minute drama takes place in 1525 when Michael and Margaretha Sattler fled their religious orders seeking to restore the church to the purity of its early days when communities of believers practiced peace, compassion and sacrificial love. The Sattlers join a group called the Anabaptists and together challenge the 1,000-year control of the Church by the State.

They call for baptism to become not a mark of citizenship, but an adult and voluntary decision to follow Christ. As their movement grew, so did the determination of their opponents to stop them by any means necessary. Michael was burned at the stake in 1527 and Margaretha drowned.

Nevertheless, their movement survives and today is practiced by the Mennonites, Mennonite Brethren, Brethren in Christ, the Hutterites, the Amish, and other groups including the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.

To help viewers better understand this story, optional chapter introductions are provided by Mennonite historian John E. Sharp and background commentary by Myron Augsburger, Mennonite educator and author.

This DVD includes Spanish and Portuguese language tracks with optional English subtitles, a 30-minute documentary on the Anabaptist, the”Making Of” interviews and a children’s story with slideshow.

The DVD retails for $29.99. Purchase online and save 20% — only $23.99. DVD – The program is also available on video for $19.99 but does not include the special features mentioned above. Purchase online for $15.99.VHS –