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How Quickly Life Can Change

Mar 1, 2005

Along with the shock and horror we’ve all felt at seeing the tsunami destruction in southeast Asia, we’ve also been reminded of how quickly life may be changed-or taken from us.
If you should suddenly be taken from this life, by a natural disaster or accident or health crisis, do you know for sure that you would be safe for eternity?

The Bible, which is our authority for all spiritual matters, says man is separated from God by sin, and therefore is doomed to eternal death (separation from God, Romans 6:23).

But it also reveals God’s merciful plan to grant us salvation through Jesus Christ, who was willing to suffer and die to take the penalty of our sins, and therefore “pay the price” that God demands.

That leaves us with the option to accept-or reject-the free gift of eternal salvation that God offers. You may do that right now by speaking to God words something like these:

I realize I’m a sinner and separated from You. I understand that Jesus came, lived, and died to bear the penalty for my sins. I accept the gift of salvation that He made possible, and I now ask Your forgiveness and pledge to follow Christ in the future.

If you have prayed this prayer, we encourage you to get in touch immediately with a good Bible-teaching church (such as the one where you received this paper) or with us at There is literature and information that will help you grow in this new Christian life.

The world is very unsure. Tragedy will come and go. Life is unstable. But God-and the salvation He provides-gives us assurance beyond doubt of spending eternity with Him. Make that commitment today!

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