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BMH Books Revitalized, McClain Classic Republished

Mar 1, 2005

BMH Books, the book publishing division of Brethren Missionary Herald Co., has been reorganized as a stand-alone independent publisher and is now producing both new products and republished older works.

Publishing “Theology You Can Trust” since 1940, BMH Books traditionally focused on adult Sunday School curriculum and works by Grace Seminary faculty and Grace Brethren pastors.

ImageSome of the 40-45 existing older copyrights are being republished, many in re-edited and updated form. The latest republication is Dr. Alva J. McClain’s classic work, The Greatness of the Kingdom, which is now available in a handsome, dust-jacketed hardcover edition. The 556-page masterwork retails for $24.99. McClain was the founder and first president of Grace Theological Seminary.

The New Testament commentaries of Dr. Homer Kent, Jr., are also being re-edited and republished in a matching set, to be called the “Kent New Testament Collection.” The first volume, a completely re-written and expanded commentary on the Gospel of Mark, should be available in the next several months, followed by commentaries on John, James, and Colossians/Philemon.

BMH Books is also open to new authors, and book submission guidelines are available from BMH. Currently in preparation are How to Start a Kingdom Conversation, a book by Dr. Duke Heller of the Worthington, OH, church on how to witness to those closest to you; and volume two of Heroes Who Live On by Viki Rife and Robert Cover, Sr.

As new products become available they will be introduced on the “Editor’s Blog” at and on, where any BMH product may be purchased online using a credit card. For bulk orders or individual attention, contact BMH Books division manager John Leonard at or by calling (toll free) 1-800-348-2756.

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