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Lititz Student May Have Saved Mother’s Life

Apr 22, 2005

The following dramatic account comes from an e-mail distributed by Pastor Scott Distler of the Lititz, PA, Grace Brethren Church:

One of our elementary school students at Lititz Christian School recently may have saved his mother’s life.

This mother is a juvenile diabetic and began having seizures around 2:30AM causing her to go in and out of consciousness. After two hours of this, she tried to walk to the hallway but collapsed on the floor.

Her fourth grade son heard all of the commotion and immediately called 911. He remained calm and instructed the dispatcher about his mom’s condition. He then ran outside in his bare feet to direct the ambulance crew to the front door and then helped by gathering all of his mom’s medications.

Without his quick response, who knows what would have happened. When the crisis was over, the boy was asked how he knew what to do. His answer was that his class here at Lititz Christian School received instruction from a Warwick township Police Officer on emergencies and contacting 911.

The mother wrote a very nice letter to the school thanking them for their part in this success story and WGAL TV also did a story on this wonderful happening.