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Marlin Weavers Have Family Tragedy

Aug 29, 2005

Marlin and Sue Weaver, longtime missionaries to the Chateau in France, experienced a family tragedy over the weekend as reported here in an e-mail to his congregation by Pastor Scott Distler of the Lititz, PA, Grace Brethren Church. Your prayers for the Weavers will be appreciated:

I received a quick note from Marlin Weaver, our missionary to France who is on home ministries for the next year, letting me know that on their way back to Lititz after taking their son to Grace College, he received a call from his sister telling him that his sister’s son, David, was in a serious car accident on Friday night. He passed away Saturday morning at about 10:30.

David was 30 years old, married but had no children. He and his wife live in Florida about one hour north of Orlando.

The funeral will probably be held on Tuesday and Marlin and Sue are planning to fly to Florida to be with the rest of my family. He asks us to pray that he and Sue could be a real comfort to his sister and family during the next few days. Sue is to start college on Tuesday and so this will make things a bit tricky.