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Mike Taylor India Trip Featured

Feb 19, 2005

GBIM’s Mike Taylor and a medical team returned this week from a ministry/assessment trip to India to help tsunami victims. The report was featured on the front page of today’s Warsaw (IN) Times-Union newspaper. A few paragraphs are duplicated here–to read the entire article click here.

WINONA LAKE, IN – To do what they could, several locals traveled to India recently to help with tsunami relief.

Mike Taylor and his daughter Rebekah, along with two physicans, a physician’s assistant, a nurse and a post-traumatic stress counselor, traveled the approximately 9,065 miles to India Feb. 4-14 to help with tsunami relief efforts.

“We just went to help with tsunami relief, specifically medical, that was our focus,” said Mike, Grace Brethren International Missions director of personnel, Africa regional director, Winona Lake.

Mike also is a physican’s assistant, working part time at MedStat. Rebekah, a Warsaw Community High School senior, served as the group’s “pharmacist” while on the trip, dispensing medications per doctors’ orders.